Angkatan 2001

1 Noor Yati P A1B201001 LULUS
2 Munawarah P A1B201002 LULUS
3 Nidya Rahma Sari P A1B201003 LULUS
4 Winda Sarbarini P A1B201004 LULUS
5 Sariah P A1B201005 LULUS
6 Aina Mardhiah P A1B201006 LULUS
7 Winny Afrianty P A1B201007 LULUS
8 Ike Prestinawati P A1B201008 LULUS
9 Suprihatin P A1B201009 LULUS
10 Lenny Mulyani P A1B201010 LULUS
11 Novie Noor Dianti P A1B201011 LULUS
12 Holdah P A1B201012 LULUS
13 Syamsiwal Qamar L A1B201014 LULUS
14 Siti Jubaidah P A1B201015 LULUS
15 Wiwik Sumarniwati P A1B201016 LULUS
16 Fitriyani P A1B201017 LULUS
17 Enny Marisa P A1B201018 LULUS
18 Dina Fitriani P A1B201019 LULUS
19 Rudi Irwansyah L A1B201020 LULUS
20 Putu Windya Sarmita P A1B201021 LULUS
21 Erlin Susilawati P A1B201022 LULUS
22 Anton Suhendro L A1B201023 LULUS
23 Masdiana P A1B201024 LULUS
24 Chairil L A1B201025 LULUS
25 Farid Wahdyanoor L A1B201026 LULUS
26 Raida Asfihana P A1B201027 LULUS
27 Lydia Kristina P A1B201028 LULUS
28 Wahdah Refia R P A1B201029 LULUS
29 Rizki Budi Sentosa L A1B201030 LULUS
30 Winda Budiarti P A1B201031 LULUS
31 Dody Anwar L A1B201032 LULUS
32 Tirta Handayani P A1B201033 LULUS
33 Rijalul Khair L A1B201034 LULUS
34 Mega Listiana P A1B201035 LULUS
35 Hayatus Sholehah P A1B201036 LULUS
36 Muhammad Almadani L A1B201037 LULUS
37 Ferry Christina Sari P A1B201038 LULUS
38 Ery Irayanti P A1B201039 LULUS
39 Solihin Salam L A1B201040 LULUS
40 Erina P A1B201041 LULUS
41 Annisa Khairani P A1B201042 LULUS
42 Novi Ariyanti P A1B201043 LULUS
43 Abdul Rahman Shaleh L A1B201045 LULUS

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