mid test of syntax


  1. “Syntax is the study of arrangement of words into phrases, clauses and sentences”. What do you know about phrases, clauses and sentences. Elaborate your answers!
  2. What do you know about “words” in syntax? Elaborate your answer!
  3. “Words are classified into content and function words.”. One of the characteristics of them is that the former have formal markers and the latter do not. Explain this difference and give some examples to support your answer!
  4. Define the following terms:
    1. Syntactical construction
    2. Structure of subordination
    3. IC
    4. UC
    5. Lexical meaning
    6. Structural meaning
    7. Word order
    8. Inflection
    9. Derivation
    10. Syntactic device

2 Responses to “mid test of syntax”

  1. emmy Says:

    deadlinya kapan pa?

  2. emmy Says:

    deadline maksudnya …

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